Fairtrade Stall

Fairtrade at St Andrew's:

Traidcraft products help people in underdeveloped countries. Traidcraft and other fair trade organisations seek to reimburse the original grower, manufacturer etc. with a fair price for their product, thus enabling them to improve their economic position. The stall is stocked with the most popular items, however, there are many more that can be obtained and a catalogue is always available to look at and choose from. Products range from food products such as sugar, chocolate, coffee, jam etc. through craft items and jewellery to paper goods such as cards and wrapping paper.

One idea that you may consider as an extension to your giving may be to place a regular order for one or two products that you use every day. Eg. a packet of muesli once a month, or a bag of raw cane sugar every two weeks, a jar of coffee every two months. We will then have your order ready for you to collect. Again the higher the turnover we can generate, the greater the choice we can offer and the more impact we can make on the imbalances of the world.

Tradecraft is a Christian response to poverty in the world, so let us join together and give it our full support. Together we can help to build a better world.


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